Urn: Collaboration with

Guitar Peddle: Lion & Lamb


Urn: Collaboration with

Urn: Collaboration with

LMnA Designs


Letter A: Austin

Letter F: 2 Corinthians 5:7

Letter N: Texas

Letter J: Army/Medical

Letter D: Psalm 25:4-5

Letter M: Romans 15:13

Captain America


Compass Rose & Coordinates

Mother Theresa

Sports Teams: Clemson & Atlanta

Ampersand: Literary Quotes

Arrow: Hunger Games

Letter A: Proverbs 3:5

Parent/Child Hands: Jeremiah 29:11

Letter W: Welcome w/bicycle

Initials w/wedding date

Seashell Frame

Letter M: Psalm 127:3 w/birds

Letter S: Isaiah 40:31

Letter B: Micah 6:8

Letter F: The adventure begins - Mr. & Mrs.

Letter N: Hand/Foot Prints

Hannah w/paislies & flowers

Wine Caddy: Music & Wine

Bottle Opener: Maryland Crab

Legal imprint